6 Awesome Activities at London’s Olympic Park

The 2012 Olympics are long over, but many of the event’s structures have found a permanent home in London’s East End. Here are six cool things you can do at ...

10 Tips for a Greener Trip

It’s hard for an environmentalist like me to admit it, but travel is not the most eco-friendly activity. If suppressing your wanderlust is not an option, consider these 10 tips ...

Interview: Volunteering in Ghana

Jessica Dingman, a hospital social worker in Washington state, visited Ghana in March 2011 as a volunteer through Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS).

Travel Tips

Travel How-To: Find a Hostel

When it comes to finding a hostel in your destination, the choices ...

Cheap Travel Trick #6

Sometimes, you have to spend money to save money. That’s definitely the ...

Cheap Travel Trick #5

When it comes to getting the best value for your nightly accommodations, ...

Cheap Travel Trick #4

If you’re packing more than one moderately sized bag, you’re probably paying ...

Cheap Travel Trick #3

Choose your sightseeing activities wisely – for your budget and your sanity.

Cool Accommodation: Burg Stahleck

Sometimes, the place you sleep is one of the most memorable parts ...

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8 World’s Fair Wonders

Most World’s Fair buildings are temporary, but some – including these 8 wonders – have become permanent fixtures.

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Pic of the Day: Amsterdam’s Canals

Amsterdam is perhaps best recognized by its canals – it has more than 100 kilometers (62 miles) of them – that make concentric rings around the city.    

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Pic of the Day: Captivating Crater Lake

This photo of Crater Lake is from a June 2008 trip my boyfriend and I took to southern Oregon. It was a beautiful day and the scene was absolutely still and peaceful – the water reflected the sky and landscape like a mirror.      

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Pic of the Week: View of Siena, Italy

This view of Siena, Italy, was taken in June 2010 from the balcony of my room at the Hotel Alma Domus, an inexpensive and charming former convent with beautiful town views. Much of Siena’s architecture has been preserved from the town’s medieval hey-day, when the city-state was one of the most powerful in the region […]

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Pic of the Day: Peaceful Puget Sound

This photo of Washington state’s Puget Sound was taken on a calm day in May of this year. The Olympic Mountains can be seen in the distance. (Photo by Mardi Krusemark)      

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Pic of the Day: Valley in the Alps

  This is the town of Lauterbrunnen, in the Lauterbunnen Valley, high up in the Swiss Alps. All around Lauterbrunnen, mountains rise up from the valley and waterfalls tumble off jagged rocks and turn into mist before hitting the ground.  

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Pic of the Day: Dinner in Trastevere

  I had dinner at this restaurant in Rome’s Trastevere neighborhood on a beautiful evening in June 2010.    

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Cheap Travel Trick #2

If you’ve been coming home from your travels with a whole extra backpack full of souvenirs (and, most likely, an empty wallet), it may be time to reconsider your souvenir philosophy.

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Three important WWII sites

The Second World War, as the name suggests, had a huge impact on many places around the globe. Here are three sites that played pivotal roles in the war, and which are now memorials and museums. If you think of any other places to include, write them in the comments! Hiroshima Peace Memorial (Hiroshima, Japan): […]

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Cheap Travel Trick #1

Using deal-of-the-day websites like Groupon and LivingSocial can save you money on your upcoming trip.

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