Travel Around the World (Wide Web!): October 19, 2011

Ryanair’s extreme cost-cutting proposals, America’s most dangerous airports and more, after the jump…

  • Ryanair is considering extreme measures to save budget travelers money. In case you haven’t heard, the budget airline announced it would remove two toilets from its aircrafts to make room for six extra seats, saving passengers about 5 percent. The announcement has been met with some serious backlash (and some not-so-serious humor), but I for one am all for cutting costs. If you’re going for comfort, consider a different airline. CNN has five of Ryanair’s more controversial proposals for cutting costs. [CNN]
  • Air travel is a relatively safe form of travel, but the number of near-misses while taking off and landing may surprise you. Near misses and close calls occur on regularly at airports across the United States. Travel + Leisure has a list of the most dangerous U.S. airports, and perhaps not surprisingly, some of the country’s biggest traffic hubs top the list. [Travel + Leisure]
  • New York’s Zuccotti Park has become an unlikely tourist destination in recent days as visitors are stopping by to catch a glimpse of the Occupy Wall Street protesters who have been making headlines. Some of the protesters are happy to supply sightseers with entertainment, putting on theatrics to illustrate their concerns. The protesters are pushing back against corporate influence in government and wealth inequality, and related demonstrations have been popping up around the globe. [AP]


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